Using Twitter Ads Increases Brand Exposure

Using Twitter Ads Increases Brand Exposure

Lenders and Realtors who are active on Twitter have found in the past few years that using Twitter ads increases brand exposure significantly. Compared to  two years ago, businesses using Twitter are spending 50 percent more in 2016, and those that advertise on Twitter have a much greater following than those who don’t.

In this way, lenders and agents have a lot to gain from Twitter if they’re using the social media platform’s advertising services to their advantage.


Where To Start With Twitter Ads 

There are a few different routes lenders and agents can take when starting an advertising campaign on Twitter so that the campaign matches up with your objectives and audience.

In the setup process for Twitter Ads, you target who you want to see your ads, which works really well when you're targeting your market or certain cities.

Twitter gives you aspects to include, like using your own CRM for specific targeting or selecting a certain geographic area to place your ads in.

Twitter’s advertising services aim to work across the board for independent agents to large brokerages or mortgage companies. It’s a matter of finding what works for you.

For those agents or lenders just starting out, one of your initial goals might be that you want more followers. Twitter recommends running a campaign that puts your business in the “Who to follow” section.

This section shows users who they might want to follow based on their interests. And when you end up in that section, users can hit “follow,” and your content is in their timeline.




Tracking Your Success

And, while you’re advertising on Twitter, you can also track information related to how your ads are performing, including the Twitter Analytics dashboard.

You can set tags that are tailored to your goals, so that when somebody passes your advertisement, you know about it.

For example, if you want to drive traffic to your website, you set a tag to track conversions. By doing so, you’re setting marks that take in information about who’s going where and how it affects your business.


Twitter Website Cards

Aside from tracking the information, one of the most effective ways to actually increase your website traffic and send out a call to action is with Twitter’s Website Cards.

Basically, a Card is an advertisement that shows up in users’ timelines. Typically, they have an image with a clear message and link back to your website.

If you’re a regular on Twitter, you might’ve stopped at a Card without even knowing about it. They are very similar to normal tweets, but when you tap the image, it brings you directly to the website, while a normal tweet doesn’t unless the user hits the URL.

By using Website Cards, you offer content to your following that they want to engage with, that also drives traffic to your site in a more direct way. Users tap the Card, and they’re at your site.

For real estate agents, this could be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your single property website using Twitter. Build the Card with an image of the property, and send them directly to the website. From there, you can have visitors who are interested in the listing sign in, so that you can provide useful information later on.




Promoted Tweets

You might have also seen “promoted” tweets. Businesses promote their tweets using Twitter’s advertising services to increase engagement. For example, you’re looking to connect more with your audience, and you’re also looking to reach a bigger audience.

By promoting tweets, it gives you a way to talk to your following, encourage them to talk about what you’re offering, and watch your promoted tweet fly in different directions.

Like the Website Cards, promoted tweets are similar to normal tweets, because they end up in users’ timelines, opposed to off to the side. They’re aimed at specific audiences too.


Get Started!

As with any new marketing tactic, your strategy will evolve over time as you learn the new platform.

For those who haven’t put Website Cards to the test yet, it might be time to launch a campaign that directs traffic to your site, whether it’s for a single property or your brokerage.

All in all, depending on what you’re looking to improve on, a Twitter Ads campaign can be adapted to your goals. Remember, it’s best to start simple when you’re getting the hang of it, because building takes time.




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