Use Your CRM to Grow Referral-Based Business

Use Your CRM to Grow Referral-Based Business

If word-of-mouth referrals fuel your business, your market activities should focus on keeping in contact with your past clients. That's if you want to grow your business.


But, if your business isn't based on referrals, you must be advertising often. In that case, you should make sure you stand out from the crowd.

If you believe that you have 50-50 mix of referral-based and non-referral-based business, you are an exception. But, we advise you to look at the source of each transaction you've closed over past few years. Take a good look to see if there is a slight majority.

Regardless of which type of business you have, referrals never hurt. Staying in front of your clients by using the features of your customer relationship management (CRM) tools can help grow your business.


Stay in Touch Using Your CRM

If you operate a referral-based business, using your CRM to your advantage should be a top priority. Knowing the benefits of keeping in touch ensures you are mindful of your leads, clients and prospects when they are in the market to buy or sell their homes.

Having a CRM that you are comfortable with - that can also be used on mobile devices - is crucial to you as an agent. By taking advantage of your CRM's features, you can automate your communication with clients, so you can spend more time in other areas of your business.

As you introduce more leads to your CRM, add them to a drip campaign right from the get-go. From there, your CRM does the work for you.

These messages can be as simple:


I thought of you this afternoon, and I hope all is well. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help!

Talk soon!

Keeping these messages, short, sweet and personal helps you build relationships with your customers. Then, when the time is right, your clients won't hesitate to reach out.


Keep the Momentum Going

Once you've completed a transaction with a client, the key to growing your business with referrals is staying in contact. You should have the ability to change the drip campaign through your CRM. Once you've closed, you should switch your client to a transaction follow-up drip campaign. And then, a long-term, referral-building campaign begins.

These follow-up campaigns should aim to weed out any questions from the client and keep you in their mind long after the transaction.

Start out with monthly contact for the first six months. Then, move them to a bi-monthly campaign. Lastly, shift them over to a bi-annual campaign.

Sending a note on the anniversary of their transaction with a personal touch is a great example of how you can maintain a relationship with a client well after they have left the buying cycle.

It shows that even though you may have a lot of clients, that day stood out to you in a positive way. Or, drop them a note on their birthday or around the holidays. Pick a few calendar dates that you feel are important and appropriate to your clients, then build a campaign in your CRM. The key here is to craft the messages in a way that feels like a personal communication - not a sales pitch.

In the end, growing your business with referrals, is all about building trust and creating relationships with your clients. You can build trust in many ways, especially by using the The Diamond Strategy. But the easiest way to begin building relationships is to engage with others.

Now it's your turn: What are some of the most successful messages you have sent? What emails do your clients respond to the most?


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