Increasing ROI on Zillow Mortgage Leads

Increasing ROI on Zillow Mortgage Leads

We released today a deeper, more seamless  integration with Zillow, offering additional functionality to our enterprise mortgage customers. 

By using an API,  the Total Expert dashboard connects directly to four Zillow Mortgage lead types, making it simple for users to deliver customized marketing and communication based on lead type. Email, text, video email, and click to call can be initiated immediately when a Zillow lead comes in.

These are the distinct lead types which flow automatically from Zillow into Total Expert:

  • Long Form
  • Custom Quote
  • Direct Message (Free)
  • Property Pre-approval

Zillow Lead Types Explained

  • Property Pre-approval (Co-Marketing): If you advertise on your co-marketing partner’s listing, and the consumer wants to be pre-approved for that listing, you receive their information. This includes their name, listing address and price, contact information, and financing deals.
  • Simple (Profile): When consumers send you a direct message through your Zillow profile, their information comes to you. This is free.
  • Long Form: Long Form is an advertising program through Zillow. You can find more information here.Mortgage requests made through Zillow come right to you in the dashboard. You receive the consumer’s name, email, contact information, price and financing information.
  • Custom Quote: When consumers request information on specific mortgage rates, Zillow notifies you. This is usually a corporate contracted lead.

Benefits Of The Total Expert & Zillow Integration

  • Co-marketing lead sync for collaboration with agents: Jointly manage all leads received through your Zillow co-marketing with your co-marketing partner.
  • Deliver personalized marketing and communication by lead type: Customize the communication you send based on the four lead types explained above.
  • Segment and route leads according to preference: Route your leads to a different loan officer, agent, admin, or co-marketer on the type of lead you receive from Zillow.
  • ROI tracking by lead type: Drill further into the data about what lead sources are producing the most ROI so you can make more informed marketing decisions.
  • Built-in lead nurturing campaigns: Automate the application of customized email nurture campaigns for each of your Zillow lead types.


If you are looking to add more automation into marketing to your Zillow leads, but you’re not Total Expert customer, please request a demo of our product.

For all existing Total Expert members who have questions, please login and contact our Customer Success Team for more information.


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