Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Stack – Fast

Posted by Total Expert Team On July 16, 2018

Lenders, banks and financial services organizations seem to be in a perpetual state of either implementing or trying to get the most out of their ...

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Growing Revenue While Navigating Regulations

Posted by Total Expert Team On June 19, 2018

Lenders must navigate a complex regulatory environment – and ensuring you stay compliant can be challenging.

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Reasons to Kick Your Traditional Mortgage Marketing Strategies to the Curb Before 2019

Posted by Total Expert Team On June 12, 2018

It’s no secret that the mortgage lending industry lags behind others in the adoption of new technologies.

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Big Data: Friend or Foe?

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 30, 2018

It seems like all we’ve heard about for the last couple of years is data.

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Move Fast and Innovate: Key Themes Driving Total Expert Product Innovation

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 23, 2018

In this hyper-competitive environment, sales and marketing need to embrace modern marketing strategies that drive growth.

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Creating a World Where Co-Marketing and Compliance Co-Exist

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 16, 2018

We continually hear from our clients, heavily regulated financial institutions, about the incredible cost of compliance and how it slows their...

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Post. Share. Like. Monitor. Repeat.

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 08, 2018

Odds are that when your marketing administrators started their career at your company they didn’t realize that a degree in social media for...

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How to Empower a Rising Personal Brand Within the Enterprise

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 02, 2018

One of the top three digital transformation trends in the financial services industry that every lender, bank and financial institution should be...

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MBA Tech 2018: Takeaways from Industry Leaders

Posted by Total Expert Team On April 27, 2018

Our team was at the Mortgage Bankers Association's Technology Solutions Conference & Expo in Detroit last week and enjoyed speaking and sharing...

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Nearly One Quarter of Scotsman Guide Top Originators in 2017 are Total Expert Users

Posted by Total Expert Team On April 12, 2018

It's here at last – in April, Scotsman Guide released the Top Originators of 2017, ranking the top 500 mortgage loan officers (MLOs) in the...

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