Why High-Growth Lenders Need CRM Automation

Posted by Total Expert Team On December 08, 2016

Customer relationship management technology has continued to evolve over time as the demand for more personalized and intuitive solutions has...

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A Guide to Lead-Generating Real Estate Photography

Posted by Total Expert Team On October 06, 2016

As consumers scroll through Zillow or Realtor.com, researching houses, they notice something. They click on into a specific house, get onto the...

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Questions Lenders Should Ask Before Entering Into A Partnership

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 05, 2016

Lenders are often approached by Realtors looking to partner simply to increase their advertising budgets with little to no planning and strategy...

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Create A Strong Foundation For Your Co-Marketing Strategy

Posted by Total Expert Team On April 19, 2016

As regulators have all but removed marketing service agreements as a viable strategy, some lenders have withdrawn from that channel of business...

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Your Listings Need Single Property Websites

Posted by Total Expert Team On March 23, 2016

In today’s congested world of big portals, multiple listing services, thousands of websites and search engines, it’s easy for one property to get...

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Real Estate Pay Per Click and SEO Get Trickier

Posted by Total Expert Team On March 03, 2016

The world of real estate pay per click (PPC) advertising and SEO is about to get more tricky. Google started rolling out one of the biggest...

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Don’t Overlook The Value of Real Estate Print Marketing

Posted by Total Expert Team On February 18, 2016

Although real estate professionals are constantly presented with advice on how to effectively use the internet, social media, blogging, digital...

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Email Marketing is Beefing Up, Not Slimming Down

Posted by Total Expert Team On January 28, 2016

Many of us in the business of moving real estate asked ourselves the following question: Which of our tools for marketing to customers might be...

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Harness the Power of Real Estate Social Proof

Posted by Total Expert Team On October 26, 2015

Today's reality is that people go online to find out who you are before they even pick up the phone to call you, and when they do, the perception...

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SEO For Real Estate: What You Need to Understand

Posted by Total Expert Team On October 12, 2015

Some real estate professionals have the initials SEO floating around their minds. They know search engine optimization is vital to real estate...

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