Predictions and Actions for 2017

Posted by Total Expert Team On January 09, 2017

The holiday season is over, football season is in the final stretch, and now, "prediction season" is in full swing. While scores of people with...

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Increasing ROI on Zillow Mortgage Leads

Posted by Total Expert Team On September 13, 2016

We released today a deeper, more seamless  integration with Zillow, offering additional functionality to our enterprise mortgage customers. 

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Challenges of Sharing Your Brand In A Co-Marketing Partnership

Posted by Total Expert Team On July 07, 2016

Some of the most successful marriages are those in which the partners complement each other, work on life’s inevitable challenges in tandem and...

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Listing Agents Are More Important Than Ever

Posted by Total Expert Team On July 04, 2016

Listing agents have an improving advantage in the field for many reasons, making them a top choice for partnerships. Top-earning loan officers...

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Real Estate Co-Marketing: Agents Want Better Partnerships

Posted by Total Expert Team On June 27, 2016

Loan officers can take a few steps to help build stronger relationships with real estate professionals to increase volume and bring in future...

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Questions Lenders Should Ask Before Entering Into A Partnership

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 05, 2016

Lenders are often approached by Realtors looking to partner simply to increase their advertising budgets with little to no planning and strategy...

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Create A Strong Foundation For Your Co-Marketing Strategy

Posted by Total Expert Team On April 19, 2016

As regulators have all but removed marketing service agreements as a viable strategy, some lenders have withdrawn from that channel of business...

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Bad for Business: Working With Multiple Co-Marketing Partners

Posted by Total Expert Team On January 15, 2016

It has been the business model for expensive real estate lead generation websites for several years now. Unfortunately, this business model rarely...

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How Technology Can Solve Agent Pain Points

Posted by Total Expert Team On January 05, 2016

Technology generates our leads, it helps us stay organized and stay in touch with potential and existing customers. It solves agent pain points.

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Co-Marketing: The Win-Win Solution For Everyone

Posted by Total Expert Team On November 24, 2015

For decades, mortgage companies have worked with real estate brokerages to drive new mortgages. The value proposition to real estate brokerages...

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