Bank Marketing Pitfalls Part 3: The Dangers of Organizational Silos and Changing Too Much Too Quickly

Posted by Joe Welu On June 19, 2019

Banking isn’t what it used to be. And how banks market to their customers – in a way that provides convenience, value and humanization  is...

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Inspire a Customer-Centric Culture from the Top Down

Posted by Total Expert Team On June 13, 2019

The strongest organizations keep people at the center of everything they do and value their trust highly.

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Bank Marketing Pitfalls Part 2: Metrics You’re Not Tracking and Inconsistent Brand Experience

Posted by Joe Welu On June 06, 2019

Rising demand has changed the way financial brands approach customer or member engagement. 

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Gaining Momentum – and Customers or Members for Life – with Flywheel Marketing

Posted by Total Expert Team On May 13, 2019

It’s a huge win when a consumer makes their first transaction to become a customer or member of your financial brand.

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How CMOs Can Attract & Retain Creative Data Experts

Posted by Joe Welu On May 07, 2019

I’ve been making the case here for a while that the role of the CMO is changing in the financial services industry.

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Key Alliances for Tomorrow's CMO

Posted by Total Expert Team On April 30, 2019

As we’ve mentioned here before, the role of the financial services CMO is evolving.

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Key Takeaways from the Financial Brand’s Forum Conference: Put Humanity Back in Banking

Posted by Total Expert Team On April 22, 2019

Ten years ago, the country faced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Consumers were apathetic and lacked trust in financial...

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Sales: A Journey, Not a Destination with Finance of America’s Bill Dallas

Posted by Bill Dallas and Joe Welu On April 16, 2019

Completing the first mortgage transaction with a new customer is an achievement and – what should be – the start of a lifetime relationship.

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Modern Banking: Anticipate, Educate & Advise to Cultivate Customers for Life

Posted by Joe Welu On April 09, 2019

Although consumers can find just about anything they need with a simple Google search, seventy-eight percent of retail bank customers still prefer...

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Bank Marketing Pitfalls Part 1: Failure to Define Customer Personas & Remove Data Silos

Posted by Joe Welu On April 03, 2019

Banks are continually evolving to leverage new technology and meet rising consumer expectations for convenience, value and personalization.

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