Real Estate Pay Per Click and SEO Get Trickier

Real Estate Pay Per Click and SEO Get Trickier

The world of real estate pay per click (PPC) advertising and SEO is about to get more tricky. Google started rolling out one of the biggest changes in recent years to its search engine results page (SERP).

These changes immediately affect all advertisers in the real estate and mortgage industries. Google is completely removing the PPC text ads along the right column for all desktop search results. These changes will leave only one to four ads above and two to three ads below the main organic search results listings.

While no one is ever quite sure what motivates Google into making these broad sweeping changes, we speculate that Google is trying to make the mobile and desktop experience more closely aligned. Over the past few years, Google has rolled out a number of changes that favor the mobile experience.

This makes sense because of the continued growth and emphasis on mobile in today’s culture.


What Happens Next

Advertisers in the real estate and mortgage industries see increased advertising costs due to more competition for dwindling ad spaces. Competition for the top four spaces will be more fierce.

Advertisers need to become more creative as the competition heats up. As most online advertisers know, the front page location is at a premium, and with fewer available ad slots, cost per click (CPC) will surely increase.

One the positive side, those advertisers who are able to remain on the front page with organic searches should see better results.

With fewer ads for consumers to click, this leaves more room for organic placement.

On the same side of that coin is the fact that with fewer ads to click on, each ad receives more traffic. This makes the top four placement for your advertisement a must.

As ad slots are consolidated on the top and bottom of the search results pages, a shift in the organic listings may push some websites off the page.

This squeezing of search results places an even higher value on content rich, SEO-friendly websites. Properly built real estate websites with content that is updated regularly gains a boost from this as they tend to place higher in the organic search results.

If you haven’t done so recently, now is a great time to check your website’s search results position and paid ad locations, and implement a monitoring system to track changes in performance.

As with any Google search engine change, shifts occur and knowing which direction your website is heading can be crucial to success. Being able to spot trends and improve your results depends on good, long-term data.

As a Certified Google Partner, Total Expert is always here to help you navigate the changing landscape of digital advertising, PPC, Facebook advertising, and many other forms.


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