Envoy Mortgage Announced New Multi-Channel Marketing Automation CRM Platform

Envoy Mortgage Announced New Multi-Channel Marketing Automation CRM Platform

HousingWire 2018 Top 100 Award Recipient adds to its Technology Arsenal

Envoy Mortgage continues its commitment to be an industry leader and offering of first-rate technology. Adding to their marketing and technology strategy, the company has launched Total Expert as their new CRM platform.  

In 2017 alone, Envoy Mortgage launched several new technology platforms and sales support tools. Envoy EDGE is an ever-evolving marketing and recruiting platform, increasing business and attracting potential employees and Realtor partners. Envoy has also noted an increase in mobile applications month-over-month since its new mobile app’s inception. The company has a solid reputation for their focus on building strong technology solutions and offer robust digital tools to empower their loan originators to increase their business. Envoy Mortgage has built a suite of best-in-class tools, resources and trainings which focus on driving production, increasing market share, and expanding local brand awareness for their originators and referral partners across its 150+ nationwide locations.

"Providing our loan originators with the best tools available continues to be one of our focus points in 2018," said Ron Millard, CEO. "In 2017, we launched several marketing and technology driven platforms to arm our loan originators to expand their business in the local communities. We are focused on the future of the industry. As the world becomes more modern and digitally driven, so does Envoy. Our loan originators have the automation tools for many marketing and back-end processes allowing them to continue to shape strong Realtor and borrower relationships. Our partnership with Total Expert is testimony to our non-stop effort in building our brand and continuing to create lasting relationships."

Total Expert’s marketing operating system adds another layer to Envoy Mortgage’s existing technology. Total Expert provides a full suite of marketing automation tools, including the ability to automate the capture and follow-up of leads, seamlessly create, deploy and track marketing assets at the community level, single-property website creation and gain greater insights into marketing activities with advanced reporting functionality.  

“Envoy has built an incredible brand and continues to demonstrate leadership as a modern mortgage lender with their huge commitment to the best technology that will empower their loan originators to grow their business,” said Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert. “They are extremely well positioned for the future of mortgage lending and we are proud to partner with them on their digital transformation journey.” 

Envoy Mortgage’s technology offers an ‘on-the-go’ solution for originators. More than the right tools, Envoy offers the right support with a culture that can’t be beat. To learn more about Envoy Mortgage and Envoy EDGE visit www.envoymortgage.com.


Founded in 1997, Envoy Mortgage is an independently owned, full-service mortgage lender headquartered in Houston, TX. As a Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie approved seller/servicer, Envoy branches offer a full menu of loan products with locations across the U.S. Licensed in 49 states. Envoy branches provide outstanding customer service by offering a full menu of loan products with the tools, expertise and technology needed to support all functions of the mortgage process. For more information, visit http://www.EnvoyMortgage.com. Envoy Mortgage, Ltd. NMLS #6666.


Total Expert is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides the first modern, web-based, enterprise-level marketing and sales software solution built specifically for mortgage and financial services. Eight of the top 15 mortgage lenders in the country use Total Expert. Total Expert ensures that marketing, compliance, and sales are aligned in a single system of record, and provides tools including marketing, co-marketing and CRM. Every marketing asset ever created, downloaded, or deployed is tracked with on-demand audit level reporting. The highly flexible, profile-based architecture provides precise permission controls and hierarchy settings for endless custom reporting and analytics options based on the unique preferences of the organization. For more information,  visit totalexpert.com. 

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