Top Strategies for Driving Adoption of the Total Expert MOS

Posted by Sue Woodard On March 27, 2019

Implementing a new technology solution can make or break an organization.

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Funnel vs. Flywheel: Everything Modern Bank Marketers Need to Know

Posted by Joe Welu On March 21, 2019

Today’s customer cannot simply be passed from inquiry to transaction using the same generic messaging time and time again, only to fall through th...

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Brand Building That Gives Customers What They Want

Posted by Total Expert Team On March 19, 2019

Modern customers are savvy adopters of anything that makes their lives simpler or adds value. For many lenders, that has meant huge investments in...

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3 Growth Opportunities Most Financial Services CMOs Haven’t Tapped

Posted by Total Expert Team On March 12, 2019
We recently wrote about four top priorities that financial services CMOs have on their plates in 2019: owning customer experience, winning... Read More

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Trust

Posted by Todd Duncan and Joe Welu On March 05, 2019

Mortgage lenders once attracted a new customer and maintained that relationship with face-to-face engagement through their most crucial life...

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How Modern Marketing Has Changed Banking Forever

Posted by Joe Welu On February 26, 2019

Everywhere you look, change is in the air: new channels, new technology, more data, increased expectations.

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New, Intuitive Total Expert UI Enhances User Experience

Posted by Total Expert Team On February 21, 2019

Empowering leading banks and lenders to stay hyperconnected with their customers, prospects and partners starts with having a best-in-class...

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4 Ways the CMO Role Will Change by 2020

Posted by Joe Welu On February 19, 2019

CMO responsibilties have evolved rapidly in the last two decades. Among the most recognized changes is the need to establish marketing as a...

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How to Turn Your Salespeople into Relationship Managers

Posted by Lori Day On February 13, 2019

Technology can empower your salespeople to do a lot of things, but another canned email won’t build a roster of referral partners that will help...

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More Transactions, Less Transactional Selling

Posted by Total Expert Team On February 06, 2019

Today’s buyers are more informed than they used to be. The act of completing a transaction can be done in the palm of their hands with the click...

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