5 Reasons Banks and Mortgage Lenders Use Our Marketing Operating System

Posted by Total Expert Team On September 06, 2018

The pace of innovation in the financial services industry continues to accelerate.

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The Customer Journey: Then and Now

Posted by Total Expert Team On August 29, 2018

In the past, when our grandparents wanted to buy their first home, they went down to the local bank and sat down face to face with a loan officer.

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Three Bankable Strategies to Become a High-Performance Originator

Posted by Todd Duncan On August 21, 2018

Most originators want one of three things. They want to make more money. They want to work fewer hours. And they want to have less stress.  Are...

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Marketing Automation Empowers Loan Officers to Build Customers for Life

Posted by Total Expert Team On August 08, 2018

You can just focus on the transaction and have a customer for a day or you can offer so much value – via personalized touchpoints, ongoing...

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Digital Transformation is Redefining Marketing in Financial Services

Posted by Total Expert Team On August 02, 2018

Marketing technology is taking center stage in the mortgage industry's race to catch up to consumers' expectations for doing business. Lenders...

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Marketing for Loan Officers: The Case for Cultivating Customers for Life

Posted by Total Expert Team On July 23, 2018

Despite another slip in mortgage interest rates at the start of July, homeowners and homebuyers alike are staying put.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Stack – Fast

Posted by Total Expert Team On July 16, 2018

Lenders, banks and financial services organizations seem to be in a perpetual state of either implementing or trying to get the most out of their ...

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Knowledge Is Power Part 2: 4 Tips to Ace Your Education-Centric Marketing Strategy

Posted by Total Expert Team On July 09, 2018

Opening your first joint checking account. 

Applying for a small business loan. 

Purchasing a new home. 

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Knowledge Is Power: Using  Education-Centric  Marketing to Build Authority  in Mortgage Lending and Banking

Posted by Total Expert Team On July 02, 2018

Trust doesn’t come easy in a world with constant access to knowledge – and financial organizations often face more skepticism than most.

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How to Cure Shiny-Object Syndrome: Developing a Fintech Strategy for Innovation

Posted by Total Expert Team On June 25, 2018

As we near the third wave of fintech, it’s impossible not to feel its influence. Each new solution promises to support salespeople in their...

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