Why Agents Need to Reach Out To Past Homebuyers

Why Agents Need to Reach Out To Past Homebuyers

You have been a real estate practitioner for a while, a seasoned veteran. Or, you are new to the industry, and you want to learn more  about keeping in touch with real estate clients.

You might also agree that one of the most powerful and economical methods of making money in real estate is to keep in touch with everyone you know.

That includes family members, friends, colleagues, past clients, and prospects. These people spread referrals, and you know that referrals can be a significant source of business.

People want to purchase homes from agents they trust. Getting a direct referral is a great way to start building trust, but it's a slow process. Total Expert's Diamond Strategy walks you through building trust in an efficient and effective way.


Why Keep In Touch?

There are several reasons to keep in touch with real estate clients. Having a license and a business card does not create income, selling does.

Selling involves helping people make decisions that they wouldn't have done without your assistance.

Hint: It starts with responding to every lead that comes through your system in a timely manner. Consumers can be impatient and expect instantaneous responses. 

Beyond that, how do people know you are in the business and ready to provide that decision-making assistance? By keeping in touch, that's how.

Your circle needs constant reminders that you are still in business. Tell them you want to help them, and that you also want to help everyone they know too.

Given the ups and downs in the housing industry, some might think you're no longer in business. Don’t be offended by them, just take action to prevent this train of thought.

Your fate is in your own hands. By not keeping in touch, you could be missing out.


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