Why the Best Real Estate Teams Work With Digital Natives

Why the Best Real Estate Teams Work With Digital Natives

Digital native is a term I heard years ago while attending an industry conference. What I didn’t fully understand at the time was how much impact it has.

Increasing your conversions with digital natives helps drive your business into the next generation of real estate.

Essentially, a digital native is someone who does not remember life before broadband internet connections. Massive amounts of digital content and online media have been poured at them like a fire hose their entire life.

The way they consume all media – television, movies, music, news, etc. – is not only more efficient but noteworthy in many ways.

The velocity at which they consume content and determine its relevance would have been incomprehensible to the market just six or seven years ago.


Why Does It Matter to You and Your Real Estate Business?

A recent survey of our top 50 customers, most doing in excess of $1 million in gross commissions, revealed it currently takes an average 6.5 touches to turn a lead into a prospect, and sometimes many more before they become a client.

These touches often consist of a text message, email, phone call, and/or social media connection. If there is no success the first round, they use the same channels again and again, until a connection is made.

Many REALTORS® complain leads do not get back to them or respond after filling out a showing request or lead form of some kind.

My immediate question is always, did you use all the available channels to try and connect, and if so, did you continue repeating the cycle? Unfortunately, the answer is almost always no.

The bottom line is to maximize the conversions of potential customers into actual customers, you must communicate with them using their preferred channels, even if they are not your preferred channels.

If the potential customer is in the 35 or under age group, you have a much higher probability of them responding to a text message than a phone call.

This does not mean you should forget about calling leads. Supplementing phone calls with a couple of text messages can actually start to build some type of a relationship between you and the lead in this situation.

It tells them you are respectful of their time and want to get to the point and get them the immediate information they are in search of.


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