How to Grow Your Real Estate Business in 15 Minutes a Day

How to Grow Your Real Estate Business in 15 Minutes a Day

We know how the real estate industry is. In the course of any one day, you could be showing four houses, attending a listing appointment, submitting an offer, having coffee with a new client, and the list goes on and on.

This doesn’t even count having a personal outside of your business.

How are you supposed to find any time to grow your real estate business if you’re this busy actually doing real estate business?

The positive note, life doesn't have to be a stacked schedule.

If you set aside a few minutes each day to focus on growing your brand and cementing yourself within your community, you begin to see the results add up quickly.

We advise setting aside 15 minutes a day to grow your business.


Cold Leads Go On Drip Campaigns (2 Min.)

We all have those old leads buried in our CRM that never amounted to anything.

Maybe you called them a few times, but they never responded. You let them fade out of the picture. Why not use an automated drip campaign to bring them back in?

You wouldn’t believe how many stories we’ve heard from clients who applied a drip campaign to a cold lead and being called a few weeks later to buy.


Active leads get property Alerts (4 min.)

Your CRM scores your leads based on their login activity and searches, right? As leads become warmer, your CRM is basically hand-feeding you sales that you should be taking advantage of.

From your dashboard, you can pick your hottest leads and scan their property view history quickly.

Set them up on a property alert based on that search history. Once assigned, the lead gets property alerts that they're interested in. From there, monitor their activity over a few days.

After they have opened a few of these property alerts, send them a personal message and ask if they have any questions.


Follow 5 New People On Twitter (4 Min.)

Twitter is a constant buzz of information about your community just waiting to be harvested.

By simply searching your community, you can dig up potential leads and community members to begin a relationship with. This is all about growing your brand and your sphere within your community.

The people promoting local events on Twitter are likely key players within the organizations – the exact type of people you want in your sphere. They are vocal and local, two very important aspects to look for.


Call A New Lead (2 Min.)

This one is easy.

Pick up the phone and call one of your new leads. Whether they pick up or not, you’re going to be on their radar. If you have their email address, add them on a drip campaign and monitor their activity.


Engagement From Your Business Facebook Bage. (3 Min.)

Did you know you can like and comment on other Facebook pages as your business page? To do so, click on the small triangle in the top right corner of the Facebook navigation and select your page from the “Use Facebook As:” option.

You can now like other Facebook Pages, then like and comment on their posts as your business. This is great for finding niche pages within your community that you can use to grow your reach. Be friendly and helpful. You're there to build relationships.

It may not seem like a lot when you look at each of these tasks individually, but if you stick to the plan and do them every day, you see results quickly.

Your brand awareness grows within your community. You will find leads emerging from the woodwork that you thought were lost forever. You get new inquiries and new listings too.

All it takes is patience and persistence.


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