Create an Ecosystem of Products and Services

Four Reasons Your Bank Needs a Marketing Operating System

Humanization vs. Personalization: What's the Difference?

Master Customer Touchpoints Across the Customer Journey

Digital Banking: If You Build It They Will Come... Won't They?

Mortgage Impact Podcast with Total Expert Founder and CEO Joe Welu

Digital Transformation: Laying the Groundwork for Modern Marketing Success Part 2

Close More Loans: Send the Right Message at the Right Time with the Total Expert and Blend Two-Way Integration

Bank Marketing Pitfalls Part 3: The Dangers of Organizational Silos and Changing Too Much Too Quickly

Inspire a Customer-Centric Culture from the Top Down

Bank Marketing Pitfalls Part 2: Metrics You’re Not Tracking and Inconsistent Brand Experience

Are You in the Mortgage Business or the American Dream Business: How to Be More Human in Your Marketing

Digital Transformation: Laying the Groundwork for Modern Marketing Success Part 1

Gaining Momentum – and Customers or Members for Life – with Flywheel Marketing

How CMOs Can Attract & Retain Creative Data Experts

Key Alliances for Tomorrow's CMO

Key Takeaways from the Financial Brand’s Forum Conference: Put Humanity Back in Banking

Sales: A Journey, Not a Destination with Finance of America’s Bill Dallas

Modern Banking: Anticipate, Educate & Advise to Cultivate Customers for Life

Bank Marketing Pitfalls Part 1: Failure to Define Customer Personas & Remove Data Silos

Top Strategies for Driving Adoption of the Total Expert MOS

Funnel vs. Flywheel: Everything Modern Bank Marketers Need to Know

Brand Building That Gives Customers What They Want

3 Growth Opportunities Most Financial Services CMOs Haven’t Tapped

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Trust

How Modern Marketing Has Changed Banking Forever

New, Intuitive Total Expert UI Enhances User Experience

4 Ways the CMO Role Will Change by 2020

How to Turn Your Salespeople into Relationship Managers

More Transactions, Less Transactional Selling

Leverage Data to Humanize the Customer Experience and Grow Revenue

3 Ways Banks and Lenders Can Deepen Existing Customer Relationships

The Roadmap to Better Tech Implementation

Four Top Priorities for Financial Services CMOs in 2019

Recruiting and Retention: Fifty-Eight Percent of Employees Say Technology Factors into Their Decision To Take a Job

Banks and Lenders: How Do You Humanize Complex Financial Transactions?

4 Ways Retail Banks & Lenders Can Emerge Victorious in the Amazon, Uber, Netflix Era

Bridging the Cultural Opportunity Along the Customer Journey in Mortgage Lending

Three Ways to Separate True Tech Partners from Mere Vendors

The Modern Mortgage Experience - Personalize and Then Get Personal

Four Things That Will Set You Apart from Your Competitors

Capture the Hidden Growth Opportunity in Falling Margins

MBA Annual Convention Key Takeaways

Developing a Future-Proof Integration Strategy in Mortgage Lending

Solving the Cost-to-Produce Problem in Mortgage Lending

ABA Bank Marketing 2018 Key Takeaways

Four Questions to Separate Tech Partners from Tech Vendors

Gaps in Sales and Marketing Are Costing Banks and Lenders Millions

Empower Loan Officers to Drive Your Digital-First Organization

Five Reasons Banks and Mortgage Lenders Use Our Marketing Operating System

The Customer Journey: Then and Now

Three Bankable Strategies to Become a High-Performance Originator

Marketing Automation Empowers Loan Officers to Build Customers for Life

Digital Transformation is Redefining Marketing in Financial Services

Marketing for Loan Officers: The Case for Cultivating Customers for Life

Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Stack – Fast

Knowledge Is Power Part 2: 4 Tips to Ace Your Education-Centric Marketing Strategy

Knowledge Is Power: Using Education-Centric  Marketing to Build Authority  in Mortgage Lending and Banking

How to Cure Shiny-Object Syndrome: Developing a Fintech Strategy for Innovation

Growing Revenue While Navigating Regulations

Reasons to Kick Your Traditional Mortgage Marketing Strategies to the Curb Before 2019

How to Build an Industry Leading Marketing "Agency" Within a Financial Services Organization

Big Data: Friend or Foe?

Move Fast and Innovate: Key Themes Driving Total Expert Product Innovation

Creating a World Where Co-Marketing and Compliance Co-Exist

Post. Share. Like. Monitor. Repeat.

How to Empower a Rising Personal Brand Within the Enterprise

MBA Tech 2018: Takeaways from Industry Leaders

Total Expert Brings Marketing Operating System to Banking Industry

Nearly One Quarter of Scotsman Guide Top Originators in 2017 are Total Expert Users

Top Three Digital Transformation Trends in Financial Services

Industry News: What "To Do" Next

Tight Inventory: Take a Leap

Skip The Sensationalism: Educate & Proposition

Taxing News: Hyperbole that Hinders Home Buying

Amazon Mortgage? It's a Jungle Out There

MLO Migration: Coming and Going Soon

Today's Down Payment: Tomorrow's Target

Mortgage Interest Deductions: A Comeback for Seconds?

Legacy Technology: It Can Destroy Your Business

Rising Rates: Educate Your Leads

CFPB: Changing for the Better?

High Five: Rates Are Moving - Are Your Prospects?

Financial Services: What's Holding You Back?

Spring to Market: Consumers Are Ready - Are You?

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau: Is Change Coming?

Industry Professionals Gather at MBA's Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference

The Constant State of Change: Reactive - or Ready?

Innovation Leadership Council: Experts Gather to Educate & Collaborate

Co-Marketing: Yesterday and Today

Susceptible Salespeople, Straightforward Solutions

Social Media Compliance: Manage Risks & Gain Rewards

Shrinking Opportunity? Get - and Grow - Your Share

Plan to Succeed: Strategies to Stay on Course

2018: The CLEAR Course to Success

Industry Professionals: Control the Narrative

Mortgage Marketing Departments: Size Matters

Marketing on Social Media: Help MLOs Get the Word Out

Perfecting Public Perception: How to Use Reviews in Marketing

Fall Product Enhancement Update

Rogue Marketing: Kill it With Productivity

Compliance & Marketing: Do You Have What You Need?

Slow Season? Fight the (Yule) Tide

Change Expectations: Will You Struggle or Succeed?

Customer Profiling: Evaluating for Engagement

CFPB Director Richard Cordray Calls it Quits

Low Inventory Doldrums? Here's the Cure

Information-Based Marketing: A Wealth of Material

Mortgage Marketing Departments: Are LOs Getting the Message?

Marketing at the Point of Sale

Positive Influences: How Home Buyers are Choosing Lenders

Instant Gratification: The Danger to Long-term Success

Mortgages on the Move: Mobile Device Usage for Borrowers on the Rise

Using Big Data for Big Wins

Avoiding Pitfalls When Advertising on Third-Party Websites and Buying Leads

Success Imperative:  The 1-Page Business Plan

Consumer Sentiment: Use it to Captivate and Motivate

Understanding and Abiding by Regulations Meant to Protect Consumers

Technology Isn't a Choice: Adapt or Die

Student “Housing” – Perception & Possibility

Digital Mortgage Conference 2.0: Key Takeaways

Third Quarter 2017: Reflection and Projection

Marketing to Millennials: Dogs, Video & Social Media

Best Practices for Managing Marketing Compliance at the Enterprise Level

Recruiting Loan Officers: Four Keys to Attracting Top Talent

Housing Market News: The Data and the Dream

Using Marketing Automation to Convert More Leads

Uncover Opportunity in Your Database

Education-based Marketing: How to Make Lunch & Learns Work for You

Avoid Regulatory Repercussions with Proper Lead Management

Tight Inventory:  Combat Cash with Customer Care

Headlines Happen: Make Them Work for You

Generating Referrals:  Time and Effort

Social media - How's That Working for You?

Purchase Market:  Are You Getting Your Share?

Zillow:  Friend or Foe?

Real Life Resources for Mortgage Companies and MLOs

Don't Tell; Ask

Costly Myths: Potential Home Buyers Need to Consider the Source

From Frustration to Domination: The Hub & Spoke Model

Marketing to Millennials:  They've Got it Coming

Mortgage Marketing Tools:  Communicate Possibility and Present Solutions

Don't Just Watch the Market - Move It

Three Steps to “Uberizing” Your Mortgage and Real Estate Business

Mortgage CRM: Shape Market Perception, Drive Your Business

Understanding The Sky-High Potential Of Real Estate ROI

Marketing to Millennials: Journey vs. Destination

First-Time Home Buyers: Is Student Loan Debt a Myth?

What is the Diamond Strategy?

Current Homeowners: They're in the Money

Production and Profit: Keeping Good News Going

Renter Attitudes: Desire is High, Confidence a Bit Shaky

Haste Makes Sense When it Comes to the Spring Housing Market

How MLOs Can Leverage the 2017 Loan Defect Index

What does Warren Buffet think about 30 Year Mortgages?

What do Millenials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers Have in Common?

When Underachieving Isn’t a Bad Thing

Best Practices for Overcoming Objections

3 Things “Game Changing” Mortgage Companies Focus On

Co-Marketing Best Practices to Mitigate Risk and Focus on Growth

Lack of Housing Inventory Makes Headlines, but There's More to the Story

Home Ownership Still A Key Piece of the American Dream

MBA Conference: MasterCard and Mortgage

The Upside of Down

Real Estate & Lending News: Don't Interpret This at Home

All-Time Highs and Cautious Optimism

Predictions and Actions for 2017

How to Build a Workforce that Reflects Your Clients

How to Engage More Homebuyers With Email Marketing

Regulators Offer Guidance on Social Media Usage

Why High-Growth Lenders Need CRM Automation

Social Media Compliance Best Practices for Lenders

2 Ways Lenders Build Trust with Millennial Borrowers

Lenders Must Understand How Millennials Consume Media

How Lenders Can Earn Millennial Homebuyers’ Trust

55 Misunderstood Real Estate Shorthand Abbreviations

Why Homebuyers Chose the Other Lender

3 Solutions to Stop Rogue Mortgage Marketing

The Dangers of Rogue Marketing to Your Mortgage Brand

How Content Marketing Fits Into Your Mortgage Business

Buyer Personas Help Shape Your Mortgage Marketing Strategy

A Guide to Lead-Generating Real Estate Photography

5 Features Every Single Property Site Needs

Increasing ROI on Zillow Mortgage Leads

Tech Solutions Help Build Better Relationships

How to Take Advantage of Zillow's Web Traffic

Co-Marketing With TILA-RESPA In Mind

Building Your Zillow Presence From the Ground Up

TILA-RESPA Affects You In Some Way, Here's How

Snapchat Draws In Businesses and Millennials

Colorado Bans MSAs for Title Companies

Design Principles and Tools Real Estate Pros Need to Know

Snapchat’s Business Model Personalizes Client Experience

Simplicity Increases Search Engine Web Traffic

Report: Mortgage Applications Down, Existing-Home Sales Up

How to Identify Company Challenges and Solutions

Millennials Redefine Financial Success, Facebook Reports

How Real Estate Agents Sell Homes Using Pokémon GO

Challenges of Sharing Your Brand In A Co-Marketing Partnership

Listing Agents Are More Important Than Ever


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