4 Types of Realtors and Their Unique Technology Needs

4 Types of Realtors and Their Unique Technology Needs

Whether your partner is a newbie or an established team doing millions of dollars in sales, each agent has their own unique technology needs.

The key to growing your network is being able to identify which type of agent you’re working with and stressing your benefits in relation to their needs.

Use the guide below to help you identify the different types of Realtors and what their specific technology needs are.


The Main 4 Types of Realtors

The Team Member (New Agents)

Who they are:

These agents are new to the industry. They dream of a big payday and hope the team they chose helps take them to the top. They are still learning the ropes and trying to find out what works best for them in the industry. Since they are new to the industry they are more receptive to new marketing opportunities, both online and offline.

What they need:

Their marketing efforts can be scattered.

Their team leader might be providing them with different tools for different tasks, but they want to integrate their tools. Fewer logins help tremendously.

What Total Expert provides:

  • Seamless integration between their website and CRM.
  • One login for all their marketing efforts.
  • Connect social profiles and automatically share website content across all networks.


The Solo Agent ($8 Million or Less in Sales)

Who they are:

Brand loyalty comes to mind. These agents built their business on their sphere and referrals, seeing little value in online leads or new marketing techniques.

They rely on old school tactics. These agents have an extensive list, but they may not be as engaged as they could be.

What they need:

Simplicity. These agents might not be as technologically savvy as others. When it comes to online marketing, they need to see results in order to give it a go.

At the same time, they want their brand to stand out in the niche they have carved for themselves. A better way to manage their clients wouldn't hurt either.

What Total Expert provides:

  • Complete, custom branding on their website.
  • A blogging platform to showcase their knowledge within their niche.
  • One-click marketing engine: print material, social sharing and single property websites.
  • Email campaign library designed to build referrals and drum up business from old contacts.



Developing Team Leader ($10 Million or More in Sales)

Who they are:

These agents are looking to grow quickly. They have an established business, but they want to take it to the top tier. They want to add a buyer's agent and they need help with the next steps.

Generally, use multiple lending partners, but They aren't engaged in co-marketing activity to its fullest extent.

Their marketing efforts tend to be scattered, a mix of online and offline, but very little ROI tracking in place. They try out a lot of tools but don’t commit often, because they have a core set of tools.

What they need:

Most importantly, they want hands-on help with coaching and growing their team. They want immediate results and success stories.

Technologically speaking, they need tools that let them make more informed growth decisions and the ability manage the activity of their agents and partners.

They want to be able to calculate their team's transactions and successful appointments. They want to make more informed marketing decisions on their lead sources and reallocate marketing dollars easily.

What Total Expert provides:

  • Quickly add agents to their team to route and manage leads.
  • Total Expert's ROI Tracker allows them to track transactions, appointments, and lead sources.
  • Attract agents with one-click marketing tools to create compliant flyers, single property sites, and mailers.
  • Account managers help them design a plan and execute for the future.


The Mega Teams (20 million or More in sales)

Who they are:

These are the most successful agents.

They are established and experienced. These agents work on a handful of tools and succeed with them. They know how to use their tools (or have someone who does) and are engaged with them. They are currently tracking ROI in some fashion through these tools.

They are also working with one lending partner per platform and receiving co-marketing dollars.

Co-marketing is an area they are always looking to grow.

What they want:

They want to consolidate their multiple marketing programs into an all-in-one solution that helps them grow.

With one login, they can expect to lower their marketing technology costs and improve their ROI.

They want to use data to make informed marketing decisions about where they are spending marketing dollars. They demand compliance, but they manage too many transactions and too many marketing efforts to worry about compliance themselves.

They want higher level engagement from their lenders and from their technology. They want help creating road maps for their future and setting goals to attain their desired growth.

What Total Expert provides:

  • One login for all CRM and co-marketing activity.
  • Compliant co-marketing engine speeds up their compliance approvals so they can quickly deploy co-marketing material.
  • A dedicated success coach to help them develop a map for the future.


Putting This Information To Use

A quick conversation or a little research can help you identify the type of agent you are working with so you can easily match up which Total Expert features provide your agent with the most benefit.

Knowing the strengths of the Total Expert platform and the weaknesses of your agents and matching them up accordingly creates great results for your partners and business.

Introducing your agents to these tools makes you a valuable asset that helps your partners grow. We're happy to help you create an action plan to showcase your knowledge and increase the number of partnerships you have.

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